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Plan your budget & track your financial activity with Expense Manager.

Expense Manager helps you track your financial activity efficiently. Its simple, lightweight & straightforward and very easy to use. You only need to add each expense you do or earnings you make, no more than that! And Expense Manager is going to help you. Just add new transaction when you are buying anything.

Do you have multiple devices? Or you want to track expenses with your significant other? Expense Manager fits the best. You can safely synchronize data between devices using your own Dropbox account.

You can export all of your data into PDF file or EXCEL sheet.

You can create more than one account.

Other features are create or change records, add new categories or delete old ones and they will be right away.

Key features which make expense tracking powerful:
– Easy to use user interface.
– Manage multiple accounts.
– Manage Categories, if defaults do not work for you.
– Add or delete Labels.
– Be safely synchronized using your own Dropbox account.
– Export records into PDF file or EXCEL sheet.
– Choose the report period.
– See your spending distribution on the nice and informative chart.
– Analyze your daily, monthly or yearly expense.
– Select your currency.
– Backup and export data in one click.
– Passcode lock.
– Budget planner.
– Dark mode.
– Home screen widget.