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Sliding Picture Puzzle is a simple and entertaining puzzle game. In Sliding Picture Puzzle a picture is torn down into smaller pieces of pictures and are scrambled from their correct position. You have to move the pieces to their correct position to complete the puzzle. You can move a piece to an empty position only.
Sliding Picture Puzzle tracks your number of moves and timing to complete a puzzle and encourages you to improve your last best timing and number of moves.
Sliding Picture Puzzle also shows you the statistics of all the games played.

Sliding Picture Puzzle gameplay modes:
1. Quick Game
– Just pick a picture from our default in game pictures or a picture from your saved photos library or just take a picture with your device camera and start playing the game at the very moment.
2. Exhibition Game
– Exhibition game lets you choose different in game options to create a unique puzzle game. These options include choosing the number of squares in which your picture will be torn down into, which are 3 x 3, 4 x 4 or 5 x 5. You can also set a timer before beginning the game which can help you finishing your puzzle within the set timer.
3. Campaign mode
– There are three campaigns in the Sliding Picture Puzzle. These campaigns are Beginner campaign , Intermediate campaign and Expert campaign.